To achieve our ambition, we’re focusing on these 4 key areas

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We are developing our own methodology across each strand, and working with the world’s leading experts to create the top wellness brand for what we believe is your most important organ, your brain. 

Our mission: "To enable our community to achieve 1 million meaningful goals".


In 2019, our plan includes launching;

1. Our flagship product - watch this space for an organic daily power up for your brain,

2. A podcast designed to help support busy lives,

3. Companion app to help provide simple bitesize tactics and tools from psychology to promote positive bursts of joy into your day,

4. A community of Tribes to deeply connect people in our collective mission to achieve meaningful goals together.

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Who We Are

Co-Founders Joel and Dan, have a long history of working together and have launched award winning apps like Popcorn & Grabble, being decorated as ‘Mobile Company of The Year’ in 2017 from Techcrunch.

As busy entrepreneurs they have spent years learning about how to optimise their cognitive performance to achieve more; applying tools from psychology, neuroscience and nutrition.

When the time came to start something new, they knew their passion started here - distilling complex information about how the mind works into something bitesize and accessible.

Their goal is to create products that help people optimise their brains through nutrition and information.

To help people achieve their human potential and, in so doing, achieving their own.


Dan Murray-Serter

Dan was young entrepreneur of the year, but since turning 30, he can’t claim this any more.

He hosts one of Europe’s top entrepreneurship Podcasts; Secret Leaders.

He is Co-Founder of the Foundrs Community in London and Los Angeles.

His cats are ‘instafamous’ @archieandbells


Joel Freeman

Joel had a high flying career in strategy and consulting but threw it all in for the uncertain life of entrepreneurship, where he’s spear-headed 3 startups.

He is the Co-Founder of the TMRW community for Direct to Consumer E-Commerce companies in London and New York.

He doesn’t have cats.


With A Little Help From Our Friends 

We recognise it takes some true experience, even genius, to accomplish our ambitious targets, and we’re not mad enough to go it alone. Say hello to the amazing team of advisors working with us every week to create something truly special, differentiated, and purposeful together.


Patrick Holford

World-Leading Nutritionist

Patrick Holford, BSc, DipION, FBANT, NTCRP, is a leading spokesman on nutrition and founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and Food for the Brain Foundation.

He is the author of 40 books, but it's "Optimum Nutrition For The Mind" that was a turning point for Joel and Dan on their journey towards human potential and brain optimisation.


Sophie Medlin

DietiTian Extraordinaire

Sophie is a leading dietician, a lecturer at Kings College, a practice on Harley Street, a writer for Forbes, but most importantly a source of infinite wisdom, good humour and scientific insight about what we can, and cant do.

She joins us in the laboratory, laying out the complete picture about how we can boost human potential.


Azeem Azhar

Thinker,Investor, Futurist

Azeem is the founder of Exponential View, a leading figure on the future of AI and neuroscience and a top Podcast host where he debates technology and intellectual questions with some of the world's leading minds. A founder, investor, and thinker, Azeem brings exponential opportunity to the team.


Laura Moore

Scientist & Entrepreneur

Laura is a brilliant entrepreneur, who exited her last company "Heartbeat" having worked within the NHS for over 10 years.

Now, as the founder of Nell, she's been helping us get off the ground with her strategic insights and scientific entrepreneurialism.

She uses her industry contacts to help us source the best manufacturers and labs in the industry.


Grateful To Build Our Dreams, Backed By Brilliant Investors


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