3 Unusual Tips To Nail Your Interview


We all know to eat breakfast, dress well and arrive early to get an interview off to a great start.

But what can you do in the build up to make sure you land that dream job?

Here's three science backed tips you probably haven't heard before.

🎶On The Day: Get The Music Pumping.

Music has the power to unleash your inner superhero and increase your performance. No joke. Curating a list of hype-you-up songs and listening to it frequently is scientifically proven to increase self-confidence and feelings of power.

In one study, 78 students were asked to listen to an instrumental piece in two consecutive rounds. For the first go, researchers played the music as per the original recording.

The second time around they cranked the bass like moody teenagers with something to prove.

The result? Participants felt noticeably powerful, determined—even dominant.

Thankfully this doesn't mean enduring “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat for days. Unless you like it.

Whatever revs your engine is perfect. Just make sure it’s full on and then crank the volume.

So pump yourself up with your power anthem and go get 'em, Tiger.

🤯A Week Before: Cut the Stress.

We have news from the University of Calgary. Regardless of how prepared you are, you’re not off the hook. 

Stress is contagious. Researchers studied pairs of mice to see if stress had the power to transmit from one bothered brain to another, even if the second brain had no direct contact with the cause of distress.

Result? Being exposed to other peoples stress will make your stress levels rise too.

We suggest being picky when it comes to the company you keep. Yes, you can’t avoid everyone.

Neither can we. Here are some practical ways to dodge stress threats in the week leading up to your interview.

  1. Distance yourself. Even five minutes alone will clear your head.

  2. Avoid busy places. Too many anxious bodies in public.

  3. Give yourself a curfew. Don't compromise on your sleep

No one is immune to stress but with a bit of strategy, you’ll make it to your interview day without any unnecessary stress rubbing off on you.

🌱In The Long Run: All Hail Ashwaghanda

Let’s be honest. Nerves probably affect you to some extent. If you don’t want anxiety to spoil your performance, consider giving ashwagandha a role in your story. It’s a clinically-proven remedy with handsome effects.

Ashwagandha, a powerful herb with roots in Ayurvedic healing, has been working wonders for over 3000 years.

Unlike some natural remedies, its anti-anxiety portfolio is backed by science.

According to this double-blind placebo study, a 300mg daily dose will garner noticeable results in 60 days. How? By lowering cortisol, the body’s so-called stress hormone.

Effects include:

  • Improved cognition

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Reversed signs of ageing

  • Enhanced sleep benefits

  • Increased sexual desire and more

Sounding good? We thought so.

So remember...

🎶 You need a power anthem. Booming bass leads to booming performance.

🤯 Stress is contagious. Plan accordingly.

🌱 Ashwagandha is the science-backed supplement you need.

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