Sophie Medlin Shares her Top 5 Foods for Long Term Brain Health

Sophie Medlin is a leading dietician, a lecturer at Kings College, has a practice on Harley Street, a writer for Forbes, but most importantly a source of infinite wisdom, good humour and scientific insight about what we can, and cant do.

She weighs in to lay out the complete picture about how we can boost human potential.


1. Mackerel

Mackerel is a great source of omega 3 fat, specifically the brain essential DHA fatty acid. It is also an important source of B12, selenium and phospholipids.

DHA makes up over 90% of the omega 3 fat content of the brain. Most people don’t get enough DHA which means that their brains aren’t able to carry out essential cell to cell signalling and other vital tasks as well as they could. We know that DHA is important for memory, focus and the processing of emotions.

Both DHA and phospholipids make up the cell membrane of brain cells. When the diet is optimised, DHA and phospholipids occupy the cell membranes and have a positive influence on the cell structure and enzyme production.

Mackerel is also caught in British waters and is sustainable so good for your ethical brain too!


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