What Does 'A New Dawn' Really Mean?

In 1990, the Human Genome Project began - an international research project to help determine the sequence that makes up human DNA and identifying and mapping all our genes from both a physical and functional standpoint.

It was, in many ways, the first major step in ‘A New Dawn’ for humanity.

The idea of ‘A New Dawn’ is repeated throughout the works of many brilliant authors, screenwriters and philosophers - though there is always some cautionary tale about what can happen to humanity, if transferred through the wrong hands.

Individually Together

Even in recent history - if the 20th Century has taught us nothing else - it’s how extreme simple ideas about what ‘A New Dawn’ could look like, as told through the eyes of Communism and Fascism. However this was in the days when the easiest way to convey a message to the masses was through politics.

The difference today, is that ideas can spread through social media without a need to turn political. There’s both an ‘individualistic’ and ‘community’ based identity game going on here.

Never before have people been able to consider an idea and test it on themselves with so much insight, data and authenticity around the impact it might have on their life.

Similarly, these individuals exist all over the world, whether in Riga or Rio - and through facebook, instagram, twitter, etc - despite the many evil and negative contributions to society they may have had - we can find others, just like us and talk about what we are learning.

Meanwhile, In The West

There’s a whole swathe of people, mostly in the Silicon Valley (where else) who spend their time trying to devise how to live past 100. Then there are those of us who, rightly point out, during a global mental health crisis, that the idea of living past 100 might be asking for much more than we bargained for.

The more recent phenomenon of diseases affecting our minds like dementia means the amount of money pouring in to understanding how and why to prevent it, has become the deep fascination of some of the world’s richest people.

After all, we live in an ageing society, and where best to spend their money than the exact place they may be heading towards, whether they like it or not. Many signs point towards the impact of diet on many mental health diseases and this older generation have been fed, if you pardon the pun, the wrong information, especially in the West, for years - and now it might be too late.

A Human Potential Movement

To us, this ‘New Dawn’ is best represented by access to information and the ability for people to take personal responsibility. It’s never been easier to access information from trusted sources on what to eat, (more importantly what not to), how to stay healthy, and how, in theory, to live a purposeful and meaningful life.

One of our key insights, however, is that the best quality information, coming as it does, from science journals, isn’t exactly ‘accessible’ to the common person like you or me.

That’s why one of our missions at Dawn is to turn ‘science into English’, creating accessible content that can inform and educate our community with ‘brain food’ as we believe once you understand your brain, and how it works, you can begin to understand how to get the most out of your life.

We believe there are many ways to unlock and access your potential, but it all starts with understanding your own mind and body, and in this respect, content is king.

It’s All In Your Mind

The thing about ‘Human Potential’ is we have a funny way of understanding our own limitations through benchmarks. Just look at the race times of, for example, the ‘fastest man in the world’ every single decade. What seems unthinkable is normalised every 50 years. It wont be long before Usain Bolt’s world record speeds wouldn’t even break into the top 10 at the Olympics Finals, crazy though that is.

Yet of course, not everyone wants to be Usain Bolt. For some of us - the definition of Human Potential is much simpler; we all have it, and we all want just a little more - we just need to get that little push from time to time. This is where coaching, a modern day phenomenon has been so popular - which proves a personal theory that when it comes to reaching your goals, nothing is more important than psychology.

Ultimately, 80% of achieving your potential is about identifying your goals, having the consistency to turn up every day and work at them, and being part of a network or community or friendship group of supportive people who are there to help you achieve it. As for the other 20%… well, it depends how far you want to go.

Biohacking Brainwaves

There are a number of brilliant innovations we should be excited about, from this incredible brain machine helping the disabled communicate with the outside world again, to using music like “Binaural Beats” for focus and concentration, to the simple idea sweeping the world, that simply doing nothing can be one of the most effective ways to calm the mind - through meditating.

Of course there’s also the obnoxiously ‘Valley/SF’ types who will show off about how much they spend on biohacking themselves for results - but then again, the question has to be asked - if you are your only means of earning money, is there any better investment than yourself?

You Are What You Eat

There’s never been so much excellent new information about the positive and negative impact food can have, and on a personal level, as someone who moved to a 95% plant based diet - the ability to take supplements has been a game-changer.

It’s enabled me to make this change without too much concern for my general wellbeing, whilst consciously choosing to fundamentally change my diet in a radical way.

Having consumed a number of books from the excellent ‘Optimum Nutrition For The Mind’, to the slightly more simple and Americanised ‘Genius Foods’ , the power was in my hands to improve my diet without depleting my mind.


From ‘biohacking’ to controlling what we eat, to supplementation to content and community - one of the most important things to remember, is no one reaches their potential if they cant also ‘switch off’, well, unless you’re Elon.

Anxiety, stress, even depression - these are all so common, and they come from the pressure when we forget that in order to achieve greatness, we must respect our own psyches, and budget in some downtime.

The ultimate goal, as many believe, is the ability to have such discipline of the mind, that one can simply switch on and switch off their brains. Whether that is actually achievable… we will see. But we are excited to help contribute towards a global goal of improving Human Potential.

A New Dawn

At Dawn - we are only at the start of what we hope to be a long journey, building purpose and meaning for our customers.

We have big plans, but like everything, it’s all about identifying our goals, and taking steps towards them, every day, with consistency and authenticity.

We are taking feedback every day from the generous, kind people who offer it, and whilst our only ‘product’ right now is content, we are delighted to know we have already taken our first step towards our mission of educating and delighting people with what we call ‘brain food’.

For what comes next in 2019, expect a Podcast with incredible guests, more simple weekly content, a community for Human Potential so you can interact with people just like you, and a beautiful E - Commerce website selling products to help you get the most from your brain.

However - as a warning, there are no shortcuts, no quick wins, only improved behaviours and a commitment to yourself, and to your community that as individuals, together, you can achieve more and really bring in ‘A New Dawn’.