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Lower your cortisol levels by going outside.

Always listen to your mum
Turns out she was onto something. Walking or sitting outside in nature has been proven to significantly lower cortisol levels. In an eight-week study, cortisol, aka the stress hormone, was reduced by spending just 20 minutes a day outside. The cheesily-named, 20-minute “nature pills”, *cringe* will actually be prescribed by doctors as a cost-effective method to combat stress. 

No cheating though
In order for your daily stress-reduction to be effective, you can’t skirt the system by taking your tech with you, the whole point is to get away from all that. You also can’t combine your nature time with a run, reading or phone calls. Doctor’s orders. 

Be with the trees
This is a pretty easy way to de-stress during your workday, and a nice excuse to be away from your phone and desk for a bit. Find somewhere that feels like nature to you, and just be.

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