Almighty Asparagus

Love it or hate it, asparagus is outstanding brain food. It’s in season. Buy some. The end.

Seriously though, most people don’t know exactly how it fosters cognitive performance and the ROI on asparagus is huge. If you’re not a fan, lend an ear. 

Alright. I’m listening.
First things first. One cup of cooked asparagus yields 70% of your recommended daily folate intake.

Remind me about folate.
It’s one of the B-vitamins that prevents cognitive decline and increases focus. Folate tends to your white matter. (That’s the bit that coordinates brain activity, serving as a highway for signals.)

How do we know this?
Over the years, several studies have highlighted folate’s power over cognitive decline.

In particular, one fascinating study out of the Netherlands, revealed how folate can even reverse the signs of aging. (Sounds like an eye cream commercial but it’s not.)

Researchers administered high doses of folate to healthy participants between the ages of 50-75. Over the course of the study, they conducted memory tests. 

In the end, the folate-fueled memories performed on par with people 5.5 years younger. Team Folate also matched the cognitive speed of people 1.9 years their junior. Not bad, folate. Not bad.

So why asparagus?
It’s in season. Considering the ROI on asparagus is 70% RDA per cup, now’s a good time to grab a bundle at the farmer’s market.

If you like green things on toast and brunch is your jam, this super easy recipewill surely convert you (and your white matter.) Bon appetit.

WANNA GET NERDY? The academic article for those of you who speak fluent Dutch.