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I’m going to skip the part where I talk about the general benefits of exercise for your body, brain, and mental wellbeing. I know you’re an informed bunch -- that’s why you’re on our mailing list! So, here’s something new related to exercising and your brain.

Meet irisin

Irisin is a hormone released during exercise that may promote neurogenesis in the hippocampus.

It was originally thought that irisin was only involved in metabolism. However, based on elevated levels in tissue samples from brain banks, irisin’s home was confirmed in the hippocampus. Surprise! It was also observed that those with Alzheimer’s had decreased levels of irisin.

The link between irisin and memory

Based on research with healthy mice that exercised for 5 weeks, it was noted that when irisin was disabled in the hippocampus, synapses and memory weakened. Similarly, boosting brain levels of irisin improved both measures of brain health.

Irisin is being investigated as a potential future Alzheimer’s drug. And you can easily build up your levels through exercise!

Get your sweat on
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FOR THE NERDYFancy a work out? [source: Neuroscience News, How Exercise May Prevent Alzheimers]