The Most Passive Cure for Cravings Ever

Can I kick it? (Yes you can). 

A Tribe called Quest were almost definitely talking about cravings. So many life lessons to be gleaned from 90s hip hop. And the University of Plymouth


Say no to cravings. It’s in (your) nature.

Building on previously published research that explored how exercising in nature led to a reduction in cravings - this study shows that nature can put the kibosh on cravings, regardless of if you’re breaking a sweat, or just looking at it out the window. Yes, really.

Using an online survey, the research explored the relationship between exposure to various forms of nature, cravings and negative effects. The subjects reported lower intensity and frequency of cravings if they had access to a garden or allotment, with similar results if the views from their homes had more than 25% green space.

Is the cure for the global health epidemic in our own backyard? 

Yeah, maybe.

Cravings for cigarettes, alcohol and unhealthy foods are all major contributors to cancer, obesity and diabetes. So, if we can create a world with more green space, and lessen cravings for these trigger substances at the same time - why would we not? If this research gets the recognition it deserves, it could majorly impact how towns and cities are planned. 

Looking to make a change? 

If you can’t stop thinking about that after work pint/your next cigarette break/the doughnut shop next door - try these tips to kick your cravings.

  1. Get outside, change your view to include some green space or, if you’re lucky enough to have a garden - use it.

  2. Make it a habit. Set a daily reminder to seek out some green space - a recurring calendar invite should do it. 

  3. Find out more ways to change your habits, or make healthy new ones (like meditating or walking to work), in this little gem we shared a couple of months ago. 

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