Pumpkin Seeds: Basically Magic

Pumpkin Seeds Improve Memory, Calm You Down, and Allow You to Sleep Better

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Pumpkin seeds are amazing sources of zinc, magnesium, and the amino acid glutamate. Together, these things improve memory, calm you down, and allow you to sleep better.

Chill pills

Okay, it’s not technically a pill, but nothing cool rhymes with seed so here we are. Here’s the breakdown of pumpkin seed components.

  • Magnesium: relaxes you and help you sleep better.

  • Zinc: improves memory and focus. Research at Duke University Medical Centre and MIT found that zinc played a critical role in the brain, significantly helping improve memory and cognition.

  • Glutamate: mandatory for synthesis of GABA - a neurochemical in the brain that helps reduce anxiety and nervousness.

How to get more pumpkin seeds into your life

Lightly toast a bunch at once and they’re ready to be thrown on top of whatever you’re eating. A tablespoon is all you need to meet your daily zinc requirements (4-7mg).

Here’s how to get toasted.

FOR THE NERDYMagnesium and zinc [sources: The National Center for Biotechnology Information]