Science-Backed Date Night Plans

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Couples who create art or play board games together release oxytocin.

Board games. This activity doesn’t sound super sexy, but hear me (and science) out. 

A recent study found that when couples play board games or take a painting class together, their bodies release oxytocin, aka the “hugging hormone”. Oxytocin is associated with bonding and family cohesiveness.

Environment matters

A significant environmental impact was also discovered. Couples in a novel setting and activity released more oxytocin than in a familiar place. So when planning your date, monopoly on the couch is out. Monopoly on a rooftop in a new country? Now we’re talking.

(Okay, those are two extreme examples, so aim to find a happy middle ground somewhere.)

How to increase your O factor

Get your board game or art-fueled oxytocin pumping with a game night, take an art class, or simply just go on a date somewhere new. 

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