Yoga For Better Body-Image

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Yoga adds “body-image boosting” to its list of special skills.

As well as yoga’s myriad benefits around inflammation, flexibility, stress and anxiety, breathing and sleep, a study by Washington State University has shown that it can also improve appreciation for your body too. 

Say what Boo Boo?
The study looked at 376 people taking part in a 16-week yoga course and measured mindfulness and body appreciation at different points throughout. What they found was that as the participants’ ability to be mindful grew, so did their appreciation for the unique functions and characteristics of their bodies. You can learn more about what that actually entailed here.

Social media - not always a pic-a-nic
Sorry, I promise I’ll stop with the Yogi Bear quotes now. But, srsly, in a world where your body image can take a hefty beating from the parade of perfection on the ‘gram (incidentally, you will find none of that sort of caper on @wearedawn), knowing that yoga will not only get you moving your body but actually feeling good about it too it is a pretty good way to show yourself some love. 

Isn’t yoga only for the bendy (and rich)?
Totally get it. Those boutiquey studios are £££, and going in for the first time can be a bit daunting. But, there are some really good online classes that you can do quite happily in your pjs on your living room floor, and still get alllll the good stuff. 

Check out:

  1. Yoga with Adriene - 100s of classes for every level and any reason you can think of; anxiety, runners, surfers… you name it. Plus, she has a dog and sometimes throws in a bit of sass.

  2. Yoga with Tim - something for everyone too, and nice to have a guy instructor. Good for a 30-day series.

  3. Mind Body Bowl - Annie Clarke’s teaching is all about mindful appreciation for where you are and what you’re doing. Loads of different length and style classes, all with a mellow, supportive vibe.

  4. This guide to yoga blocks and how they can help take your yoga to the next level.

FOR THE NERDYI can get down(ward dog) with that [source: Psychology Today]